Our Product

This page details the services that Greenbuilt Projects offers to it’s clients for each and every project.

Client Involvement and Communication

On Site:

Being that it is your own home, Greenbuilt would like you to be as involved as possible in the construction process. We will happily induct you onto the site so that you will be able to come by and see the work being done first hand.


In addition to the normal contact points, such as phone and email, Greenbuilt invites all of it’s clients to utilise our software to check on updates and progress within the job. This is so you are never out of the loop and can find out what has been happening and what is going to happen. And you can access this information at any time through your computer or mobile.

By using the software, you can login and see:

  • General Works Overview:
  • Progress Charts and Timelines:
  • Photos and Daily Logs:
  • Send Messages and variation Requests, View Payments and Invoices, upload files for reference and specification, and generally keep up to date with the progress of the job.

Greenbuilt also uses this to send reminders to alert you when a decision needs to be made:

For example we may have a request for you to choose your Floor tiles by a certain date. We will remind you before it is due, and once you have the details simply login, input the item details and Greenbuilt staff can view them instantly. This ensures minimal delay on the project.


Considerate Building within the Neighbourhood

Greenbuilt prides itself on being a Considerate builder. We have good relationships with the neighbours on all our projects, and aim to be beneficial to the street, rather than a nuisance. We have policies relating to excessive noise and disruptions on site, public land cleaning and general site appearance.


Green Building Specialist

Building Green is a Core Policy of Greenbuilt Projects.

Greenbuilt Staff are able to offer suggestions that will increase the sustainability of your project, as well as lower maintenance costs and lower future energy and water bills. Please consult with our staff before and during construction to work out what designs will contribute to a Sustainable home.

Greenbuilt staff are also trained in reducing the embodied energy of the Construction process. This is done by:

  • Reducing travel and visits to site by better managing trades and schedules
  • Reducing the amount of defects on site
  • More accurate estimating and materials quantity calculations, to eliminate secondary deliveries and double handling
  • Better storage on site and materials handling
  • Waste recycling programs for all rubbish produced during the construction process

Greenbuilt has experience in Green Building materials such as Dincel, Zego Block and Eco Block, Sustainably managed Timber suppliers, Synthetic and sustainably sourced material alternatives such as EcoDeck, and a wide range of other options.


Quality Management Systems

The Director of Greenbuilt Projects has developed Quality Management software that forms an integral part of a Quality Management system used during construction.

The Sitepro App allows all Greenbuilt staff to immediately access information about the standards and tolerances required for each trade to ensure your Home is built to the highest standard.

Staff use the Quality Management checklists on site to make sure every step along the way is completed and ensure the best possible Job. This checklist is put into a PDF document and forwarded to the Project Manager by the Site Staff, and can be forwarded to the client upon request.